Lonedream anarchy Wiki

Join Date: ~Late July 2020

First Player Interaction: Nether encounter with player JofallT

Roles: Builder, Redstoner, Phoenix Guardian Member

Significance: Phoenix Guardian Member, First Powered Flight, Largest Habitable End Base (Record Held Until October 2020), Longest Playing While Still Active

Pre-CPK Period[]

Sangupark joined Lonedream after the shutdown of the anarchy server "VentureVanilla," where he used to frequent. Shortly after joining, Sangupark crafted basic tools, and entered nether spawn. It was there that he had his first player interaction in which he was killed accidentally, but recovered his gear from an apologetic JofallT. This kindness would prove to be an exception in Jofall's general demeanor, but was greeted heartily at the time. Due to being a vanilla player, and the small player base at the time, Sangupark saw no need to travel great distances for a base. He constructed one only a few thousand blocks from spawn, and it lasted for ~2 months. The base consisted of a 3 level building, and a long cobblestone bridge that led to various locations, such as a nether portal, automated honey farms, and an automatic witch farm. He invited more players to his base, none of which are still active today. 2 notable players were Tomble (who remained until the fall of Antarctica), and the twitch streamer TwannieBovens. Sangupark opened a end portal located approx. 2000 blocks from his base, and consequently became a user of an old (and remarkably public) enderman farm built by player Xenon. The base was eventually griefed by player JofallT, who slaughtered everyone present at the base except for Sangupark, and instead gave him his head (from a now discontinued heads plugin). Sangupark still possesses the head to this day. After a small base which lasted for only a couple weeks, he and his remaining basemates traveled further out to create another base. Still a vanilla player, this process was slow and difficult. Only after this new base was mostly completed did Sangupark install inertia. During this time, Sangupark took notice of a new player, Quickgivemememes, whom was invited to his base. (Quickgivemememes is still active on Lonedream, and has been admitted to the Phoenix Guardians). A nether roof gateway was set up, allowing for quick access to the spawn region. It was there that he first unearthed netherite, obtained totems, and eventually created his end base. Towards the end of the base's lifespan, his basemates began to permanently log off. TwannieBovens, Tomble (who would return during the construction of Antarctica), Dream_Servant, Phabled_XD, and Quickgivemememes (who would return during the construction of Antarctica). Now alone, Sangupark would take long breaks away from his base, often lingering around spawn. Sometime during one of these absences, his base was griefed. Most resources were lost, but his only set of netherite armor remained, as it was hidden in a secret room. Now homeless, he accepted an invitation by AtomicWarlock to join the early stages of what would become the CPK.

CPK Period (Joining the CPK - The Fall of Antarctica)[]

Sangupark, after an extended travel period, arrived at Los Angelgrad as a regular citizen. There he would remain, often wandering the streets, gawking at the enormity of the city. Shortly after, he began his occupation within the CPK. Assigned as a low-level researcher, he built himself a small room and began his work. He would remain as a regular player until he made a proposal to AtomicWarlock, citing a theoretical redstone computer that could help give an advantage to the CPK. His work on this project gave him a promotion to a chief engineer, and access to most resources. While eventually the concept would be abandoned due to excessive lag, AtomicWarlock admitted Sangupark into the newly formed Phoenix Guardians. Shortly after, he made a breakthrough in project [REDACTED], which is still used to this day. Due to duties within the Phoenix Guardians, he was not present during the griefing of Los Angelgrad. After this point, Sangupark stayed rather detached from the rest of the CPK, only conducting duties for the Phoenix Guardians. He constructed a personal laboratory, where he spent much time, often not attending visits by other Phoenix members to new bases.

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