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Spawn September 2020


Welcome to the new Lonedream Wiki on Fandom

Lonedream is an Anarchy Server. It was created in February 2020 and was originally a 1.16 Snapshot Singleplayer World. During a lot of history and an evergrowing Community, we created this Wiki to hold on the most Important things on the Server

Table of Content
Server Template Community Places
Dupes and Exploits template Groups Bases
Lonedream Timeline Users

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How can I help on the Wiki?

  • Please follow the Rules and YES there ARE rules here.
  • The To Do list will show you what is still left to do on the Wiki
  • If you have Media that could be Linked in, share it with us

Are you new?

You are new to the Wiki and don't know where to begin?

Just look on this main page where to go or write a comment.

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Useful Links
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What is the goal of this Lonedream wiki?

  • List of all pages / Index
  • Developers and helpers
  • Starter Guide

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This is the Main page of Lonedream Anarchy. An anarchy Server created in Feburary 2020 with the goal to never reset and always update to the newest Version.