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AtomicWarlock joined Lonedream on 23rd of October 2020 he found a player named Hjalmkell now known as Jaeger and they have setup a village where the two invited 2 players PointBlxnk and AndyBrawler, both havent been seen since 2020. AtomicWarlock created a base which he called Los Angelgrad, and he selectively invited players to it, AtomicWarlock, Jaeger and PointBlxnk were the first residents of the base, later Sangupark's base who was at the time considered an OG player was griefed by a player named JoffalT who killed all residents of Sangupark's base except Sangupark, sparing him alive and giving him his head, Sangupark was seeking home and AtomicWarlock invited Sangupark to Los Angelgrad, making him the fourth member of the base. many others like, Shatter55, Maurk, Murdok, MetalFlag and his IRL friend Klondoff_Legacy and a player named TheKatDev joined the base, it was a first time community on the server has gathered in such great numbers, the base lasted a month and it was destroyed (very lightly) and Villagers were set free from their chambers and a Named Horse stable was slaughtered, also one house was blew up and all named dogs were killed by the player TheKatDev who later confessed it was him and was personaly marked by AtomicWarlock as a traitor and enemy of the newly formed state "Communist Party Klan! (CPK for short) which he declared to be the Supreme Leader of. After Los Angelgrad many people have quit but those who stayed have formed Order of the Phoenix which is the desicion making group of CPK to this day, (Speaking about what lasted to this day Maurk has never been seen since)

AtomicWarlock,Jaeger,Sangupark and Shatter55 because those have stayed the most active members even if their lost their homes and all progress since there were no known dupes at the time players had to grind the actual game and having set of full netherite armor was considered a heavy grind and a huge flex. Anyway the 4 have moved to a base called Project Phoenix which was in later in December 2020 griefed without suspect. but since then it was the main HQ of the CPK and MetalFlag asked to join just in time to join the Order the Phoenix, later a TB800Lukas wanted to join CPK so he was sent to a mission by AtomicWarlock himself to a exact coordinates to locate Mesa, Jungle and Ice Spikes biome next to each other, where they would create another open recruit base called "Antarctica" TB800Lukas was the first who made it to that location so he was made the Mayor

Antarctica was a start for new players, many players have joined the CPK's antarctica, such as QuickGiveMeMemes, CookieFaceHugs, and JetCee. B0B_Poggers, Whytheduck, ItzSergioCobra, and Shinzon have joined the base and some of them later CPK because they wanted to have their own empire but ended up settling in Antarctica, Shatter55 invited BulbasaurCullen to the server discord and he leaked the coordinates to 'Democraciia' which was supposed to be a group create in the whole purpose to rival the CPK, Antarctica fell to ruins Democrats griefed it and AtomicWarlock made the "purge" where he removed "undesirables" from the CPK discord (their names are not mentioned here)

Capitol was a project which was supposed to store the riches but was griefed by Smashednuts because the base was also leaked to BulbasaurCullen

CPK keeps it's purge list (players to be killed on sight) known hunted players TheKatDev (for griefing Los Angelgrad) MEGA_Styles (unknown reason) SmashedNuts (Crashing and Lagging the server and trolling CPK members) R1ceee (trolls get blocked) and last player added to the list was BulbasaurCullen (for leaking 2 CPK bases)

CPK has 15 stable members and growing

On March 23 2021, a CPK member named ItzSergioCobra was tricked by BulbasaurCullen into thinking that AtomicWarlock had kicked ItzSergioCobra from the CPK, which resulted with Cobra leaking coords to the new CPK base Heaven of Bread(HOB). He was allowed a second chance, however, HOB was griefed.

ItzSergioCobra, QuickGiveMeMemes, and AtomicWarlock started a CPK recruit base called Los Comrados.

Soon after, AtomicWarlock initiated a new base named Project Safehouse, which would fuction as a vault for CPK items. QuickGiveMeMemes and ItzSergioCobra would be the first ones there, with a few others ariving shortly after. However, a few days after the founding and populating of Safehouse, AtomicWarlock was able to get the server console from SvenFruiti, and proceeded to do some stuff with it. All this time, ItzSergioCobra was being a dick, and feeling "left out" that he did not have the same good reputation in the CPK after his betrayal, he slowly got jealous. Pretty quickly, everyone figured out Atomic had OP, and with this event, cobra did soemthing (the events arent very clear yet), apparently he killed cpk members a few times, and did some other shennanigans. Soon after, cobra left the cpk and joined tetra again, and both Safehouse and Los Comrados were greifed.