Lonedream anarchy Wiki

AtomicWarlock joined 29.9.2020, still active to this day, he is a founder of 2 groups one being Communist Party Klan, which he dissolved because he said "i dont want to be our group to be associated with some leftist assholes that killed millions of people irl, i think we deserve our own identity after what we have accomplished here on this server" and after CPK disbanded he made new Group called New Lonedrian Front, NLF for short, the groups initials are often misrepresented with NFL - the National Football League.

Life and impact on the server

AtomicWarlock is famous/infamous for severely affecting the course of the server

-Made Communist Party Klan, where his first order was to kill new players in the CPK's People's Liberation Army, and offered rise in ranks in the PLA for every several people killed, player TheKatDev strictily opposed this and motivated him to disrupt previous main center of CPK's operations

-Discovered and Leaked the 1.16.5 dupe in effort to disrupt the #trading-room in the Lonedream discord, and "achieving socialism" by giving the players way to dupe their items therefore noone would need to trade anymore

-He tricked the server's admin, SvenFruiti into giving him console access, causing massive unbalance in the survival server, spawning all current existing illegals that roam the server to this day, most of them were patched but it has damaged the server's credibility because people that AtomicWarlock shared the items with were quickly distributed even across enemy groups, everyone has lost interest in playing on the server because they already had everything

-has set the foundation stone of many bases people resided in

-in 07/06/2021 or in EU date 06.07.2021 dissolved CPK and founded NLF and started tightly cooperating with sven in effort to patch loose illegal items in effort to restore the server's survival and fair aspect

AtomicWarlock's bases

  1. Los(t) Angelgrad (coords unknown) Griefed by TheKatDev
  2. Antarctica (13687 128 -31022 nether coords) Leaked by Bulbasaur Cullen
  3. Capital X (143734 71 186368 overworld coords) Leaked by Bulbasaur Cullen
  4. CPK's HUB (69945 70 -18307 overworld coords) griefed by Selzorr and Smashednuts
  5. Spawn Base (-10664 64 -25093 overworld)
  6. uranus base (2540 98 -2926 in the nether) griefed by Tetra
  7. Heaven of Bread (coords unknown) Leaked by itzSergioCobra
  8. Los Comrados (coords unknown) Leaked by itzSergioCobra
  9. Project Safehouse (coords unknown) Leaked by itzSergioCobra